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All Valley View parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms, on committees and for school activities.

Volunteering in the Classroom
Talk to your teacher about each class’ policy on volunteering in the classroom. Each teacher determines his or her classroom needs and individually organizes parent volunteers to help meet those needs. You are encouraged to talk to your child’s teacher early in the year (perhaps at Back-to-School Night) to find out the preferred ways for you to make the best use of your valuable volunteer hours. Possibilities may include driving on field trips, assisting with a reading group, or providing in-classroom assistance for special projects.
Adults volunteering in the classrooms are required to have a negative TB test on file in the office.

Being a Room Parent
Those of you who decide to be very active in your child’s classroom should consider becoming a Room Parent. This is an exciting opportunity that offers hands-on experience in making your child’s class the best it can be. Being a Room Parent also rewards you with a positive rapport with the teacher. You can simplify this job by sharing tasks with other parent volunteers.
The room parent acts as a liaison between the teachers, the PTA, and class families. Responsibilities vary based on each classroom’s need, but may include assisting the teacher in coordinating field trips, collections for class gifts, coordinating class parties and coordinating class volunteers. The room parent duties also include facilitating communications between the school and the families of the class by maintaining the class roster, forwarding e-mails, making phone calls, attending PTA voting meetings and organize classroom parents for school-wide events. No previous experience is necessary. This is a great way to get to know the teacher and other parents, be informed, and be involved in the school and your child’s education. For more information, please contact your child’s teacher in the first week of school.

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Volunteering for PTA Fundraisers and Events
PTA fundraising enriches our curriculum with arts education, P.E., field trips, science and technology enrichment, and interactive assemblies, and also pays for three staff positions.
Valley View needs parent volunteers of all kinds with all talents and energies. Print out this form and turn it into the office.  We would love your help.

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